laura[lora][lala] (deadguttergirl) wrote in hatchet_girls,

all about clown love

down for the clownz
i am here for my hommies
death could not touch me
i have a reason to to be
my mother fucking friends
who stick with the love of the hatchet
we stand tall
yeah sometimes short
fucking fat sometimes ugly
beautiful in our eagerness
to be a family
of such strong love
this is what i like
about being a juggalo
a juggalette
ninjette ninja
whatever you be
you know you have a friend here
with me
bleeding our emotional pain
we break ourselves to heal
those we call fam
i will always be down
always with the wikkid clown
tiz nothin else matters so much
when you got your hommies
holding your hair back
while you puke of off
alcohol or pills
we shake the fake
kill the mainsteam image of a family
so fuck with us
you must fight a army
of hatchet bearing juggalo's
one thing we aint punks
we speak from our truth
so no need to lie
nothing comes close to this
the feeling of being complete
even the queen of self injury
admits to clown love
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