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Ohh shit its mah birthday! 21 now and its ladies night tonight in a couple of clubs downtown. Birthday girl is gonna go and get tanked out in public (without having to hide it or get my brother to buy it for me)
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all about clown love

down for the clownz
i am here for my hommies
death could not touch me
i have a reason to to be
my mother fucking friends
who stick with the love of the hatchet
we stand tall
yeah sometimes short
fucking fat sometimes ugly
beautiful in our eagerness
to be a family
of such strong love
this is what i like
about being a juggalo
a juggalette
ninjette ninja
whatever you be
you know you have a friend here
with me
bleeding our emotional pain
we break ourselves to heal
those we call fam
i will always be down
always with the wikkid clown
tiz nothin else matters so much
when you got your hommies
holding your hair back
while you puke of off
alcohol or pills
we shake the fake
kill the mainsteam image of a family
so fuck with us
you must fight a army
of hatchet bearing juggalo's
one thing we aint punks
we speak from our truth
so no need to lie
nothing comes close to this
the feeling of being complete
even the queen of self injury
admits to clown love

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If you guys like anyone from Psychopathic Redcords, Rydas Records, Lyrikal Snuff Productions (LSP), Kamp Blood, 7th Seal Entertainment (7SE), or Rottin Musick (RM) then read on. This is coming from a down ass Juggalette "These guys are the SHIT! Scum brings the wikid shit like I've never fuckin' seen!"

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Pandora's Box for Sale by KBPromotions for $10!

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All FOUR Scum CDs for sale by KBPromotions!

Only Bodies Left Behind (OBLB) -- $12
Violent Verses -- $10
Enter The Asylum -- $10
Lyrikal Snuff (by LnG) -- $8

Click the Pics or you can go to http://www.myspace.com/kbpromotions. You can e-mail Max or Kindra at KBlood_Promos@yahoo.com.

You can also buy two for $18, three for $25 or ALL FOUR for $30!

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hey lettes i was wondering if many of you like godless monsters inc....i recently seen 'em with tech n9ne and projectdeadman,and i like them,maybe my little posts are pointless,sorry if they are..i was just wondering...i think their song 9 in tha waistline is awesome,you should check it out if you aint heard it,you can hear it on myspace...

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hey ladies,i havent posted in here in a while,i just wanted to ask if anyone here likes much of tech n9ne or project deadman,or king gordy?i randomly had this dude ask if i wanted free tickets on myspace,cuz he saw my music taste,though i heard a little from tech n9ne and project deadman,im just wondering if any of you have heard alot from em or seen em all in concert and do they put on a good show?
take care hommies!
momma and evie


People are actually making Horror again!!! In America! Not just Asia! Real Horror, not that stupid trendy teen bullshit in the 90's (scream, i know what you did last summer, ect.)Eli Roth is a Fucking God!!! A couple of previews looked promising too! If you haven't seen it yet GO SEE HOSTEL!!!! The first half is a little cliche,(20 somethings partying in europe) but the second half MORE than makes up for it!!! X-specially with me being a Special FX make-up whore and all.
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Twiztid Homepage


I made a customizable homepage for Twiztid fans. It's based off the the Green Book cover. You can go to AwesomeStart.com to customize it, or just click on the image above to go right to it. If you like it, set it as your homepage.

I'll have more psychopathic records ones up all week. I think I'm gunna do ICP next. Let's see if enough people can add the Twiztid one as their homepage to get it to No. 1 in the top 4 on the main page and kick those fucking saddle creek bands off the top 4.

Oh, and I'm x-posting this in the other psychopathic/twiztid communities. If you guys could help me spread the word that would be awesome.